About Dr. Pride-Boone

About Dr. Pride-Boone

Dr. Janice Pride-Boone

Dr. Janice Pride-Boone is a Board-Certified, Harvard-trained Pediatrician and Certified Marriage and Family Therapist with additional training in Christian Counseling.  She earned her Doctor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA and completed her residency at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, MD and Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where she was recognized “Most Outstanding Teaching Resident” while at Georgetown University. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology with Honors from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City.

Dr. Pride-Boone is a specialist in pediatric obesity whose career spans over 30 years, having practiced, taught, managed and lead pediatric medicine in various settings from private practices, to hospitals, to public health clinics, to public schools and universities, to  correctional institutions for youth. Dr. Pride-Boone was recently recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for her leadership in obesity, being appointed a Member of the AAP Subcommittee on Obesity and designated as an AAP coach.

Dr. Pride-Boone, who previously worked in the Capital Region of New York State from 1984 to 1995 before returning in 2011 where she developed Whitney M. Young’s Pediatric Obesity Program.  She served as a Pediatrician at St. Peter’s Health Partners Clifton Park and Troy office and lead Pediatrician for their Pediatric Obesity Services. She also served a year with Dr. Paeglow in his Faith-based clinic in Albany, New York –  Koinonia Primary Care from November 2015-Novevember 2016.  She left New York State to join her husband in California in 2017.

During her time away from the Capital Region, Dr. Pride-Boone lived and practiced medicine in the Gulf South and Mid South where she was an early practitioner in advancing the area of pediatric obesity. In 2003 while operating her own practice in New Orleans and seeing increasingly high rates of pediatric obesity and obesity-related diseases among teens and pre-teens, Dr. Pride-Boone was inspired to found Strong Me!, Inc., a Family-Focused, Faith-Based Weight Management Program. Utilizing her skills as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Pride-Boone combined nutrition education, exercise, behavioral modification and non-denominational spirituality (with family permission) to create and sustain health-promoting family habits.  It is a 12-week Structured Family Weight Management Program with published results. At the end of the program, 90% of participants experience stabilization in their Body Mass Index. Families developed new and healthy habits in their diets, such as an increase of fruit and vegetable intake as well as water intake and decrease intake of sugar-filled drinks.  The program utilizes nutrition education, exercise, motivational interviewing and a 12-step platform to effectuate change.

In the summer of 2013 Dr. Pride-Boone was instrumental in working with SPHP Troy Office and the Sanctuary for Independent Media’s Uptown Summer ’13 Food Science and Safety Tuesday Program for Teens.  Teens in the Program learned valuable knowledge about food safety, and how to find healthy, affordable foods in north Troy.  A member of the Albany Chapter of the Links, the Dr. Pride-Boone founded the Link’s Lenten Weight Challenge offered in 2013 and 2014 at Macedonia Baptist Church as well as the Troys Boys and Girls Club where participants lost 1-2lbs/week on average.

Dr. Pride-Boone has been married for over 35 years to Jerry Boone, Esq an Executive with San Manuel Band of Indians in Highland, Ca.  They are the proud parents of  2 adult children and one junior in college in upstate New York.  Dr. Pride-Boone and her husband reside now in Southern California.

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